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Solar Installation

Solar Installation & Maintenance

We install and service both solar roof mounts and ground mount solar systems. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality solar systems, while maintaining the lowest prices for our customers. Get the best prices on design, installation, and maintenance for your Solar Systems.

Home Energy Audit

Free Home Energy Audit

We are passionate about lowering utility bills for our clients, and provide great value for the services we provide. In order to help maintain that, we offer free home energy audits to ensure your home energy is as efficient as possible to keep your temperatures stable, and your bills low.

Solar Consultant

Solar System Consultant

We will complete a thorough solar system inspection. Inspection includes an onsite visit, review of usage through PG&E.com, review of solar monitoring data, and a summary report. This is helpful for home sales or troubleshooting existing systems.

Benefits of Using Solar Energy

Solar reduces or eliminates your electric bill! If you are tired of high seasonal bills, remove the stress with solar. Most residential systems pay back in less than 5 years. Once the system is paid off, you have minimized a fixed expense.

Having a solar system increases the value of your home. The average system can increase the value of your home at roughly 3% to 4%. (https://www.nber.org/papers/w17200)

Using solar reduces carbon emissions and is better for the environment. Solar panels capture photons from the sun without creating carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. It is a zero-emission energy source!

Butte County has ideal weather for utilizing solar energy. We have a lot of sunny days here in the North State. Put them to work for you!

You may qualify for the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) if you install solar on your property. If you pay taxes, you may qualify 26% on your federal income tax through the end of 2021.

California Builders is a green energy provider that is a licensed and bonded General B contractor. Although we are a Chico solar installer, our projects have been located across Butte County including Oroville, Paradise, Durham, Orland, and Los Molinos. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to your satisfaction.  This includes a clear explanation of  any work to be performed and responsiveness to the customer throughout the implementation process. 

Free Energy Audit

Any bid from our company includes  an energy audit of your home.  We will let you know how to minimize your energy usage and maximize your savings. 

Long Term Solar Benefits

Our Process is efficient, easy, and enjoyable!


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